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Hi, I'm Leah. 18. I live in a psuedo-hicktown, central-suburban-Jersey hell. I'm a thespian, a Nerdfighter, and a ska kid.

    baby:d... d... d... omg you are going to say dad as your first word!!!
    baby:*guitar sounds from baby's mouth*
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    remember that first live action scooby doo movie. where the antagonist was literally scrappy doo and he was stealing peoples souls, like actually really stealing and absorbing souls, and was planning on taking scoobys soul to rule the world with an army of demons and get revenge on the gang after they abandoned him because he kept peeing in the car, and near the end he turned into this huge dog monster




    a real movie






    shit. shit

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    Well, you know me. I got so much to say about love…

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    i do not trust grown people who are like “why do you have to be a teenager ur so hot” like

    why are you shifting the blame on me

    ain’t my fault you’re attracted to kids boo boo

    no but like that’s literally what you’re doing when you say this

    saying smth like “why do you have to…

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    i’ve noticed that a lot of people confuse “respects women” with “respects women they consider respectable”.  

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    things you shouldn’t feel guilty about:


    • enjoying food
    • feeling full
    • eating more than someone else
    • taking a second serving
    • eating until you are full
    • nourishing your body
    • not liking a certain food
    • eating a food for its taste, not its health benefit
    • food in general

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    things life is too short for:
    - hating yourself
    - pretending to laugh at “jokes” that are actually just bigoted statements
    - not singing along to your favorite songs
    - waiting hours to text someone back just to look cool
    - bad coffee
    - bad books
    - mean people
    - body shaming
    - letting other people dictate your life

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    i feel like the weirdest thing in the whole world is that purses are considered to be like, for girls„„ in society……. i mean like……….. everybody has objects that need to be carried. why would that be a girl thing? carrying objects? a girl only thing?

    can the science side of tumblr expalin this

    because men get to carry things in their fully funcTIONAL POCKETS OF THEIR CLOTHING

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    Christian Bale is going to play Moses and where oh where are all the white people who are always so angry about race bending and historical accuracy??? Where are you??? Why are you not outraged??? I thought movies had to be historically accurate and races should never change from the source material???

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    You wanted them dead, too…

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    "Does my uniform make me look fat?"
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    I can admire a female body without being sexually attracted to it. A man can admire a male body without being sexually attracted to it. When will people get this?

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    so many beautiful girls in the world so many mediocre boys

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